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May 3, 2010

March 19, 2010
Theresa Welbourne, Ph.D. quoted in The Australian, "A fund of one's own"

March 3, 2010
NewsBank® - Theresa Welbourne, Ph.D. gives expertise in Scripps Howard News Service Small Business Professor Column

February 2010
eePulse Wins Corp! Magazine "Best of Michigan Technology Award"

October 7, 2009
SmallBiz America Radio Change Management with Theresa Welbourne

October 6, 2009
eePulse Introduces First and Only Real-Time Employee Engagement Benchmarking Survey to Improve Productivity, Engagement and Employee Motivation

April 21, 2009
USC Marshall School Survey Shows Business Leadership Confidence Finally on the Rise

April 28, 2008
eePulse Finds Corporate Leaders' Confidence at Five-Year Low

January 29, 2008
The Conference Board to Provide eePulse's 'Leadership Pulse', a Web-Based Management Tool

June 7, 2007
Datatel Partners with eePulse to Provide Strategic Data and Dialogue-Driven Leadership Tools for Employee Engagement

August 24, 2006
New Research Reveals Top 6 Drivers for Business Success and #1 Underused Area

May 9, 2006
eePulse: Are You Ready for the Aging Workforce?

April 27, 2006
IHRIM Link: Which Roles Help You Win?

April 25, 2006
eePulse: Michigan Ross School of Business Study Reveals Leader Energy Increases

February 21, 2006
CIO Update: Throw Out the Job Description

January 30, 2006
Crains Detroit: Balancing Act

January 30, 2006
Training and Development Magazine: Organizational Change On The Rise

January 19, 2006
New Research Study Examines How Leaders Spend Their Time

December 07, 2005
CIO Update: Stacking Work

October 11, 2005
CIO Update: Leadership Often the Cause of Poor Performance

September 1, 2005
CIO Update: Employee Engagement Requires the Right Stuff

August 9, 2005
CIO Update: Avoid Derailment

February 2, 2005
CIO Update: A New Role for IT

November 18, 2005
New Research Shows Organization Change Continues to Rise

November 01, 2005
eePulse's One-Item Employee Energy Pulse Predicts Excellence: According to New Research from

July 20, 2005
eePulse, Inc. Leadership Pulse Study Shows Leaders Less Energetic and Less Confident

July 20, 2005
eePulse, Inc. Leadership Pulse Study Shows Leaders Significantly Less Confident in HR Teams and HR Skills

June 15, 2005
eePulse, Inc. and Lee Hecht Harrison Leadership Consulting Practice Form Alliance

June 07, 2005
eePulse Leadership Results: Top 15 Items That Get in the Way of Business Strategy

May 31, 2005
Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) joins the Learning Leaders Forum as eePulse, Inc. Alliance Partner

March 23, 2005
Michigans State's Broad School and eePulse Introduce the Learning Leaders Forum

December 21, 2004
Study Shows Company-Wide Initiatives Rank #1 for Leaders Improving Performance

August 31, 2004
Leaders Report Decline in Confidence and Choose Bush over Kerry by 14%

April 27, 2004
Leaders Suggest Thinking Twice Before Outsourcing Jobs Overseas:
University of Michigan, Leadership Pulse Study respondents want to keep work in the U.S.

April 5, 2004
Business Growth Expectations Dwindle: Prelude to Higher Growth or Indicator of Downturn?

February 23, 2004
Leadership Pulse Results: Study Shows Leaders De-Energized and Why

January 7, 2004
Business Leaders Rate President Bush's Leadership in 2003

November 2, 2003
Leaders Confident in Economy

October 13, 2003
Employment Projections Up 10% in September

September 9, 2003
Small Firms Outscore Big Firms on Resource Growth and Confidence

August 20, 2003
Sales and Employment Projections Improve, Highest Gains from Women Business Owners

August 4, 2003

Leadership Pulse Shows Sales, Net Profit and Employment to Improve

July 8 2003
Is Economic Growth on the Horizon?

June 23, 2003
Study Reveals Employee Energy Key to Business Success

Study Reveals Employee Energy Key to Business Success

April 4, 2003
eePulse Study Shows Workers Stressed About War But Want To Help, Employers Take Steps To Improve Workforce Morale

February 18, 2003
eePulse Helps InterFirst improve Customer Satisfaction

December 16, 2002
Material Sciences Chooses eePulse's Relationship Management Tools To Get Real-Time Customer Feedback And Improve Service

October 28, 2002
eePulse, Inc. Chosen to Help Improve Ohio University MBA Program

September 24, 2002
Business Execs Rate Study Of Ethics A Must For CEO Success, But Just Not Their Own

Click here for the Full Report.

September 3, 2002
One Year Later: Employers Observe Anniversary of 9/11 Survey Shows Employers See Changes in the Workplace Since Last September

Click here for the Full Report.

July 31, 2002
eePulse Senior Human Resource Professionals Feel "Burn-Out", But Are Satisfied With Their Jobs and Feel Valued Within Their Organizations

For the survey results, please click here or visit

May 29, 2002
eePulse and IHRIM Team To Learn From Conference Goers

April 15, 2002
eePulse Offers New Corporate Benchmarking, Internal and External Trendmarking

February 25, 2002
InterFirst chooses eePulse, Inc. To Improve Customer Satisfaction

December 10, 2001
eePulse, Inc.'s Measurecom® Solution Saves Hospital Thousands

May 2002
IHRIM and eePulse Join Forces to Take the Pulse of IHRIM Members

November 29, 2000
Wall Street Likes its Women - On Management Teams

November 1, 2000
eePulse, Inc. launches Measurecom™ 1.0 as first ASP offering weekly employee communications and measurement

May 16, 2000
Industry Leaders Like Amazon.Com Join eePulse's Revolutions in Employee Communication and Measurement.

January 17, 2000
Ann Arbor Firm Links Fast Growth Companies to Scientific Management of Employee Energy Cycles.

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