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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Leadership Pulse Dialogue benchmark?

The pulse dialogues show trends in two key variables: Energy (tracked with each dialogue) and Leadership Confidence (annual check in), among all leaders and specific to your industry. Other than that, the topics are very dynamic. We change them based on the key issues facing leaders. Topics we have addressed to date include: how managers spend their time, business drivers, the importance of human vs. relational capital in driving firm performance, leader engagement at work, and more.

How often will we receive Leadership Pulse Dialogues?

You will receive a pulse dialogue every 2 or 3 months. In addition to the dialogues, you will also receive our newsletter, "News from the Leadership Pulse" and a notification alerting you when the various articles, presentations, case studies and the final technical report are ready.

What is the real benefit to my company?

The leadership pulse is a learning opportunity, modeled to bring together the best of what we know about social networking, relational capital, shared leadership and learning, and coaching.

This is your opportunity to be a part of a unique learning opportunity based on real-time data from your peers. However, in order to have high impact on your teams, you need to engage in dialogue with the data and then use the data and dialogue to drive action and results. We will provide assistance in learning, and as our members continue to sign up for the team pulse, we will be sharing case studies demonstrating how team pulse members are using the data. The learning will be real-time, facilitated by the professors involved but generated from the leaders in this project.

Is there a minimum number of required participants?

In order to obtain a team report, you need at least 5 people in the team pulse, and at least 3 people responding.

How do I participate in the Leadership Pulse dialogue?

You will receive an email notification with a link to the Leadership Pulse Dialogue - simply click on the link to participate. Please make sure that emails from are not going into your spam. You might want to contact your IT department to make sure the emails are not blocked at your firewall. If you need additional information for your IT group, contact us at or call +1 877 377-8573.

Are my responses kept confidential?

Your responses are kept completely confidential. See Privacy (link available at top of the page).

How are the results reported?

Every individual participant will receive a personal report showing his/her score vs. the score of the industry you are in and the overall sample. An individual also can see his/her own comments (but not other comments). If you are in the team pulse, each member also receives a report showing his/her score vs. the team score overall. Only the group lead receives a link to the group report.

How do I access personal reports?

Once it is ready for viewing, you will receive an email notification with an embedded link to your personal report. You will be required to set up log-in and password credentials to access personal reports.

What if I forget my username or password?

Navigate to Click on the "I have forgotten my USERNAME or PASSWORD" link. Follow the instructions to retrieve your info. If this doesn't work, call the eePulse helpdesk at 1-877-377-8473, ext. 45 or email

How do I access past technical reports?

Visit and click to the reports tab (accessible from top of the page).

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