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Energy Pulsing

Trending critical data and driving new conversations

eePulse started Energy Pulsing in 1996 to commercialize Dr. Theresa Welbourne's research on the drivers of long-term firm performance. The work showed that employee energy, sense of urgency, trending and frequent measurement are all key to optimizing human energy at work.

Energy Pulsing quickly engages employees in short, focused dialogue about energy, the drivers of energy and energy direction. Energy Pulsing is a frequent (monthly, weekly, every other week) process. Trend data, not point-in-time data, are needed to make fast change necessary for growth in sales, profitability, market share and innovation.

pulse.png (36,279 bytes) Energy Pulsing uses eePulse's signature Energy Pulse measurement system. In addition, eePulse customizes the Energy Pulsing engagement by developing customized metrics strategies for clients. eePulse liberally uses appreciative inquiry techniques, coaching dialogues, influence questions, and validated constructs to accelerate the client's achievement of goals.

Energy Pulsing starts a data-driven dialogue, and it is the continuous nature of the updated dialogue and conversation that moves the business forward. Leaders spearhead the evolving organizational conversation, which is designed to influence and direct energy at work.

Energy Pulsing feedback and learning are provided not just to managers but to all employees. That's because employees are ultimately responsible for their own energy. The employee portal includes personalized energy pulse reports, a journal and action taking module.

Read From the Energy Files for case studies and research insights.

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