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As a research based organization, we value continuous learning, and we provide our partners with access to our work.

"To Monitor or Not to Monitor: A Study of Individual Outcomes From Monitoring One's Peers Under Gainsharing and Merit Pay"
- Theresa M. Welbourne and Claudia J. Ferrante

Kaist Graduate School Management KGSM-WP-2006-004. June 2006.

This paper analyzes the behavioral consequences of employee psychological involvement in gainsharing.

"Role-based Performance Scale: Validity Analysis of a Theoretically-based Measure"
- Welbourne, Johnson and Erez

Academy of Management Journal 41(5), 540-555. 1998.

This study introduces a measure of employee performance, the Role-Based Performance Scale (RBPS), that measures performance based on role theory and identity theory

"Pay for What Performance? Lessons from Firms Using the Role-Based Performance Scale"
- Welbourne

Journal of Strategic Performance Measurement 1(5), 13-20. 1997.

This article introduces a new performance measurement that evaluates performance based on organizational roles rather than job-based behaviors.

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